We put a high value on community and relationships – joining a Growth Group is a great place to start!

Growth Groups provide opportunities for friends and strangers to gather outside of church to grow in their faith, knowledge and relationships. Growth Groups meet regularly and study what God’s Word says about certain subjects that impact our daily lives.

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As humans, we are creatures of habit. We sit in the same seats during church, shop at the same grocery store, fill up at the same gas station and stop by our favorite coffee shop. Because of this, we develop relationships with our same-seated brothers and sisters on Sunday mornings, our grocery checker, gas station attendant and barista. But like an onion, relationships have many layers. At MSCC, we want to peel back those layers. We value relationships and understand their eternal importance. We want to go deeper with each other, but also with Jesus our Savior. So, let’s start peeling…

Question or comment? Let us know at growthgroups@meadowsprings.org.