The 4th Annual DHS Holiday Parties are on Tuesday, December 17th.

Volunteer registration opens in October.

DHS Partnership

We believe at MSCC that as Christ followers, we have a special mandate to care for the vulnerable people of our community (Isaiah 1:17James 1:27).  One of the ways we can do this is through our involvement in the complex system of foster care as it gives us opportunity to be a blessing to children, birth families, social workers, judges, and anyone who witnesses Christ in us.  With the recent audit of Oregon’s child welfare system ( we know that there is an overwhelming and ongoing need for the most vulnerable within our community and the workers on the frontlines that serve them.

Our desire at MSCC is to continue partnering with DHS & Embrace Oregon to provide resources and support for families as they choose to open their homes to these vulnerable children.

Over the last two years, our MSCC community has stepped into the gap by partnering with Embrace Oregon in an effort to care for the needs of children in foster care, their biological families, foster families, and the DHS staff that serves them. By serving others through the DHS Christmas party, staff appreciation gifts, and office food hospitality, life giving encouragement has entered into the heavy and hopeless hearts of the foster community. Light has broken through the darkness! On top of that, as we take the risk to enter into their suffering, it conforms us to the image of Christ!


DHS Hospitality

The Department of Human Services and Child Welfare (DHS) is on the front lines, serving the most vulnerable members of our community. During the holidays, it is incredibly challenging for DHS to facilitate a visit for every child in foster care with their biological families. This holiday party is a way to step into the gap and help carry this OVERWHELMING weight. Starting in 2016 and again in 2017 & 2018, there were more than 75 families and 100 children that were able to come and be TOGETHER at the holiday parties.  It is so important to give children in foster care a chance to see and celebrate with their biological family members.

To be included on the DHS/Embrace Oregon Hospitality Mailing List, please reply HERE and provide the email(s) to which you’d like requests to come.

If you would like to be in a group of MSCC members that hears about emergency/tangible needs & requests for children in foster care and hospitality opportunities for the Beaverton DHS staff, please reply HERE with your email.