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Fall 2018 Growth Groups

We put a high value on community and relationships – joining a Growth Group is a great place to start! REGISTER HERE for Fall Growth Groups! Interested in leading or hosting a Fall Growth Group? Let us know HERE. (We have a few simple and fun ideas that follow nicely with our “WONDER” theme for this year. Let … More →


Needles Hiking Adventure | Sept. 27-30

pictured above: Chesler Park Loop Hiking Trail (rock formations are called “The Needles”) Come and experience the world-famous Canyonlands & Arches National Park… the Moab Desert, red rock landscape and the cool waters of the Colorado River. DATES: September 27-30, 2018 (fly into Salt Lake City) ITINERARY:  Day 1: Travel Day 2: Needles Hike Day 3: Adventure Options (see attached brochure) … More →

Care Ministry Opportunity

A huge part of what we do at Meadow Springs is CARE for one another.  Take a look at this list of “care” options and decide if you might be able to meet a need in a specific way! Regular rotation for providing meals, including groceries. Making meals occasionally, providing groceries. Provide grocery gift card(s) for someone else … More →

MSCC Covenant

We commit to: Living in Community    Living Boldly Living Skillfully Living Generously Living Expectantly *For more specific details and to fill out the Covenant card, click HERE.  

Why Meadow Springs?

As we celebrate 20 years of God’s faithfulness to Meadow Springs, here are a few video clips featuring people who have found a church home here. Joel Herron Christy Wilson Chris Hart      


For the latest BLAST Readers Bookmark, follow this link: Current BLAST Readers bookmarks What is BLAST Readers? Get to know Jesus by reading His love letter to you – the Bible!  Do you think you can read His Words each day?  Yes, you CAN!

Margaret Jacobsen’s Salvation Story

Margaret Jacobsen gives us a glimpse into the situation that caused her to “cling to Christ”.  


In order to accurately hear the stories of the people of Meadow Springs Community Church, you must first hear the story that is the foundation for all other stories.  Whether you are reading this story for the first time or just getting a refresher, please feel free to communicate with us if you have any … More →

How to Pray for Your…

Prayer is vitally important in our relationship with the Lord and in His purpose in our lives. Some people have a special gift for prayer, but for the rest of us it’s easy to feel like our prayer life is little more than a litany of “please bless [insert name/need here].” The good news is … More →

Answering Your Questions from the Bible

We all have Bible verses that we learned in Sunday School or at some other point in our life that just won’t quite come to mind when we need them for guidance in our own life or to share with others. This website solves that problem by making it easy to find popular verses on … More →