9Dec 2018

All In The Family | Matthew 1:1-7

A wise woman once said, “You cannot out-sin the grace of God.” Truth.

4Dec 2018

Real Hope | Matthew 1:1-17

Hope in Jesus Christ is not wishful thinking. It is absolute certainty.

25Nov 2018

Wonder Sharing

Did you save room for public proclamation and excited boasting during your Thanksgiving feast this year?

18Nov 2018

Redemption Wonder | Hosea 1-3

You’ve been pursued through the twists and turns of history; through the womb of a woman and up onto a tree where God Himself hung on the cross to redeem the very ones that put Him there.

11Nov 2018

Everyday Wonder | Ecclesiastes

We are like people addicted to crossword puzzles and have only a limited vocabulary.

4Nov 2018

The Speaking Voice | Hebrews 11:3

We are surrounded by cheap, empty words that hold no power. But then again, those are words spoken by humans…  

28Oct 2018

Come To Worship

How we worship is a reflection of our theology of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; NOT our theology of worship.

21Oct 2018

Holy Wonder | Exodus 19-20; Hebrews 12:18-24

Awe? Absolutely!  Fear? Never…

14Oct 2018

Tortured Mankind | Genesis 2 -3

An incredible battle between good and evil exists in each of our hearts.

7Oct 2018

Cosmic Wonder | Genesis 1

This world is a masterpiece of order and purpose and it was created with YOU in mind. *Please be reminded that the resource Gene referred to in this message is titled “Genesis: A Commentary” by Bruce K. Waltke.