Prayer NEEDED…

It is our sincere desire that each person who comes to Meadow Springs feels welcomed and cared for. We feel privileged to offer prayer as a means to care for people, not only those who attend MSCC regularly, but also for those who find themselves in need and might walk in our front doors for the first time. If you are needing prayer support for any part of your life or for a particular circumstance, please fill out this FORM and let our pastors, prayer team and other ministry staff pray for you.  Your request will be kept strictly confidential unless you state otherwise.

Prayer Partners

The Sunday morning service at MSCC is an opportunity for people to gather and worship the Lord through music, scripture reading, Bible teaching, communion & giving and prayer. After the message, there are prayer partners located at the back of the sanctuary who are available to pray with you. Interested in serving (in a monthly rotation) as a Prayer Partner? Let us know.