Why do we place Giving under the heading of ‘Serve’?

As believers we are called to respond to God’s grace and generosity in our lives with gratitude and a desire to give back to Him. Giving back is simply an act of obedience (Deuteronomy 16:17; Malachi 3:10) and of worship in response to all that God has done for us (1 Chron.29:9, 2 Cor.8:1-5).  Giving back can take many forms. We can give with our finances, our time, and our talents (Ex. 35:21-29).

We talk a lot at Meadow Springs about the “story” of redemption that God is weaving in the world and about our “story” as a part of His bigger story. We have also explored how the story we tell is impacted by whether or not we cooperate with God in the role He has designed for us to play in the bigger “story”. We can do that with our finances (giving), with our talents and time by enabling and helping others to fulfill their role (serving),  or in actually spreading the story ourselves.  All of those are needed and in fact, all are a form of giving. What really matters is that we are willing to engage with God with wholehearted enthusiasm in whatever way we can.

That, in a nutshell, is our hope for you. Our desire is that you are so aware of the gracious way that God has blessed you that like the Macedonian Christians, you can’t wait to participate in joyfully giving back to Him.

We would highly recommend that you take the time and listen to a couple of our archived sermons on the subject of giving and tithing.

Ways you can give

In Church

Each Sunday morning there is an opportunity to give back to the Lord during our time of communion.


Many of us make all payments online.  For most, that happens through a private online banking site.  It is very easy to set MSCC up in your bill pay system or choose PayPal for online giving.  Some people like to automate the process so they don’t forget.  If that is your choice, we would encourage you to not lose sight of giving as an act of worship.  God is more interested in the attitude and motivation of your heart than in the fact that you never miss a payment.  Don’t let your giving become just paying another bill.

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