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10985924_10153091396061788_930646260191634257_nPRIORITY ITEMS

Parking Lot resurfacing & re-striping: approx. $5,050
New Sign out front of the building: approx. $2,000
New Sound Board: approx. $5,000
Exterior Painting/Siding Repair – $20,000
*Project completed August 2017 – (Update Letter)
Roof repairs & maintenance: (working on a bid)


New Building Facade:
We’ve dreamed for many years of updating the front facade of our building. Compatible with our adventure & outdoor theme, we envision the building looking more like a lodge and being an inviting place for people in our community to experience the reality of God’s love and live the adventure of following Jesus Christ.

Signage in the back:
The goal of this is to utilize more strategically our visibility from I-5.

Landscape between the buildings:
Create a community area between the Main building and the BLAST building.

Solar power/system on roof? The south facing roof of our Church is ideal for an active solar energy system. We are currently investigating its feasibility.