A Trace of Grace

a Trace of Grace began in 2013 and is the vision of Chris Hart. His vision is carried out each month by his family, and volunteers like you. It began from 2 directions; his own home and at Meadow Springs.

At home: Beginning in May that year, his oldest daughter was asking questions about people they would see along the road holding signs asking for help. She was 5 at the time, and could not understand how there could be people who did not have a home. They packed a few reusable and sealable bags with food and drinks to keep in the car, and offered those bags to people in need as they encountered them while going about their day. Their hope was to guide their two little girls to be aware and considerate of the homeless population, but there was room for more.

At Meadow Springs: In July, the small group he and his wife, Lenore, were attending at church was also interested in engaging in a new service project. Through the small group, it grew to 50 bags. Together as a team, they packed those 50 bags and distributed them in Portland.

After that first event in July 2013, they decided they couldn’t stop there. They continue to lead the effort to distribute at least 50 bags per month, in various parts of Portland. The goal of a Trace of Grace is to show a small piece of God’s grace to everyone. It is more about the awareness, kindness and encouragement that can be shown to the needy through this outreach than it is about the actual food.


We show a trace of God’s grace through genuine kindness, smiles, handshakes, conversations, and encouragement.

Our main way of giving to the needy is through our bags of food and encouragement.

We encourage people to keep our bags in their cars so they are prepared for an encounter with someone in need of one.

We encourage people to take the opportunity of giving a bag to someone in need as a teaching moment to our children.

We take to the streets with large quantities of bags and hand them out to people in need.

We are always looking for new ways to serve the needy.

Get involved

There are bags available in the foyer at MSCC. Think about keeping a couple in your car and offer one to anybody you encounter who may need some extra help.

Visit http://www.atraceofgraceproject.com to learn more about this outreach to those in need.

Join “a Trace of Grace project” on Facebook to be notified about upcoming events and  keep your eyes on the screens before church, as well as our Sunday bulletin and weekly adventure updates.

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