Genesis Change


Genesis Change Groups

The Genesis Change Group is a safe place where people, willing to risk self discovery and change, come together and learn how to change the behaviors in their lives that weigh them down and make them “stuck.”

The Genesis Process is a program designed to address those things about our behaviors that are broken, keep us stuck and that are actually self-destructive. It is based on the New Testament model of restoration: change your behavior by changing your heart. As far as we know, the Genesis Process is the only individualized program that helps people address the damage that drives their self-destructive behaviors, rather than just addressing the behaviors themselves. Those who use it are able to make heart changes that bring about lasting recovery.

The Genesis Process is offered in two formats to bring about heart change:

  1. Group sessions using Genesis Change Book for Groups. Twenty group sessions for people who want to bring about personal change in their lives. Using principles and tools from the Genesis Process, participants find healing and change in supportive group relationships. God works through people to heal people. (The group format is temporarily suspended.)
  2. Individual sessions using the Genesis Process Workbook: Eleven processes of one-to-one therapy with a trained facilitator. Participants discover and bring healing to the issues that have driven their self-destructive behaviors, learn new life management skills and develop an individualized recovery plan. Most importantly, participants learn to trust God and people. Individual sessions for women are available. Please read this information and contact Pastor Lynn Hansen at 503.892.8888.