Foster & Adoptive Family Resources

Over the last couple of years, Meadow Springs has developed a growing relationship with Embrace Oregon who partners with the Department of Human Services to stand in the gap for vulnerable children and families.

Embrace Oregon began with a big question: What if the community re-engaged with the government agency tasked with caring for the most vulnerable children and families? What if the crisis shortage of foster families and the dire reality of what this means for these children sparked action?

What does this mean? In 2011, Embrace Oregon grew out of an idea to demonstrate radical hospitality to children during the most vulnerable time in their life – when they were first taken from their biological family and sitting in a child welfare office awaiting a foster placement.

Several families who call MSCC ‘home’ have responded to this desperate need in their  community and currently volunteer as on-call office moms or dads, provide respite care for other families caring for children in foster care, provide short term and/or shelter care (a huge and immediate need) and long-term care.


In December 2016 and 2017, MSCC opened it’s doors at Christmas time to 75+ children in foster care and provided an opportunity for them to spend “Christmas” with their biological families. Ask anyone… it is the best day of the year, hands down.

Our desire at MSCC is to continue partnering with DHS & Embrace Oregon to provide resources and support for families as they choose to open their homes to these vulnerable children.