2014 ROP List Badge (back couuntry)Meadow Springs Backcountry is a practical expression of our desire to carry out, in life transforming ways, the intentional use of outdoors, adventure and experiential learning in the life of our church. 

“We invite all people to experience God’s love and
to live the adventure of following Jesus Christ.”

Why does a church have a backcountry program?

Truth must be put into practice if it is going to transform our lives. Outdoor experiences provide incredible opportunities to help us make the real-life connection from knowing truth to living truth. The end isn’t adventure — it is simply a means to a much more important end — that of knowing Jesus Christ and experiencing the best adventure of all: following Him in all aspects our lives. God regularly used wilderness experience to break, mold and transform His people. In fact, many of the leaders God used in dramatic ways learned important lessons during their time in the wilderness: Moses, Elijah, David, Gideon, Paul, even Jesus himself. The reality, and one we can easily miss in our fast-paced modern life, is that Jesus often invited people to take risks, to step out of their comfort zone, and to step away from the busyness and distraction of urban life –and in that place, he taught them important Truth about His kingdom. For instance, being in a boat on the sea of Galilee wasn’t merely a mode of transportation, it was a powerful classroom where His disciples learned important truth. He regularly retreated to the wilderness alone and with his disciples because it was an important part of their training for life.

How does MSCC Backcountry work?

We plan on offering a variety of outdoor experiences each year at varying degrees of physical challenge and technical difficulty with the goal of connecting faith and life. Our hope is that everybody who would like to participate can find an experience that fits their ability, schedule and budget. We want to offer the highest quality experiences at the lowest possible cost for this reason. Organizing outdoor experiences through the church provides many advantages, and as a non-profit allows us to offer excursions consistent with those offered by commercial outfitters without requiring the very expensive permits necessary for commercial outfitters to operate in National Parks or other designated wilderness areas. Additionally, we have access to high-quality equipment through the Wilderness Ministry Institute at very low cost — this means that you don’t need to have a whole bunch of gear in order to participate. We will also offer training to those interested in leading trips connected with Meadow Springs Backcountry. It is important to us that those guiding the trips are adequately trained and competent in their leadership role for the trips they are leading. Our specialties include hiking, orienteering, rock climbing, mountaineering, canoeing and cooking tasty meals outdoors. In addition, our leaders have experience and training in white-water rafting, swift water rescue, ocean kayaking, ice-climbing and lounging on tropical beaches.


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