Our Staff

Meadow Springs is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life who just happen to have something in common: a passion for God. Get to know those in leadership roles below, or meet the children’s ministry staff or the office staff.

Jerry Beres

Jerry Beres

Role: Leadership Pastor/ Elder, Care Ministries & Family Ministries (preschool, elementary, youth & young adult)

  • My vision/passion: To see followers of Christ approach every event in their lives as an adventure that God is taking them on so that they will learn more of Him, will change to become more like Christ and grow in their love for Him.
  • My family: Brenda, wife – still enjoys my sense of humor; 4 children – Ben, Megan, Ryan, Nathan; 4 grandchildren – Kyler, Madeline, Norah & Jackson
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Jeremiah 29:11-13 and Joshua 1:8-9
  • Favorite camp food: Roasted hot dogs covered with ashes from the open fire
  • A little known fact about me: I carve miniature Peloponnesian War (Attic Wars) battle scenes out of feta cheese and olive pits.
  • Favorite Superhero: Jack Bauer
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Gene Curtis

Gene CurtisRole: Teaching Pastor/ Elder, Men’s and GQ Ministries

  • My vision/passion: For people to experience fresh encounters with God through His Word.
  • My family: Wife, Nancy; five awesome kids – life is full!
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Impossible. It’s all pretty good stuff.
  • Favorite camp food: Mashed potatoes with gravy and miniature meatballs (rehydrated)
  • My favorite book/or I am currently reading: The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Favorite movie: A River Runs Through It

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Jeremy Thom

Jeremy ThomRole: Pastor of Worship & Growth Groups/ Elder

  • My vision/passion: To encourage people to live life in “view of God’s mercy”. (Rom. 12:1)
  • My family: Kristina and I married in June 2001, Landon came in September 2003, Gabrielle came in March 2005, and Chase came in January 2010.
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Never been a favorites guy, but two that come to mind are Philippians 2:5-11, Psalm 19
  • Favorite camp food: Corn on the cob
  • Music/bands that I like/or music I am currently listening to: Check out #MSCCmusicmondays
  • Most memorable adventure: Doing ministry in India – talk about an adventure!
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Pastor Joel

Role: Pastor of Missions & Adventure/Elder

  • My vision/passion: To love God and others, and to live well the adventure of following Jesus and encourage others to the same.
  • My family: DeAnn and I married in August of 1996, and we are thankful for four great kids:  Josiah, Grace, Daniel & Mattea
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Lots of favorite’s, Psalm 1 is the first that comes to mind right now.
  • Favorite camp food: smoked salmon fettuccine on a backpacking trip
  • Most memorable adventure: Lots of memorable adventures — trekking unsupported in a remote part of Greenland is pretty high on the list.

Richard Gardiner

Role: Administrative Pastor/ Elder, Director of Finance, Personnel, Building and Facilities

  • My vision/passion: A community of believers dedicated to growing in faith and caring for each other.
  • My family: Wife, Karen; sons Robert, David, Jon, Grandsons Joey and Samuel.
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Ephesians 2: 8-10
  • Favorite camp food: My own cooking!
  • My nickname is: Wild Horses could not EVER get me to tell you.
  • Most memorable adventure: Hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim (the hardest and most rewarding experience).
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Mike Allison

mike-allisonRole: Teacher/Elder

  • My family: is patient with me
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Deut. 30:19-20
  • Favorite camp food: Hot dogs
  • A little known fact about me: I was once wanted by the FBI
  • Favorite indulgence: Can I really say “Bridgeport IPA” here? I don’t think so…

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Gary “Rabbi” Rosing

Role: Elder (currently on Sabbatical until Fall ’18)

  • My family: Wife, Sharon; 4 kids: Dustin & family (3 kids), Jenni & family (3 kids), Jonathan and Sarah (1 kid)
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Jeremiah 29:11
  • Favorite camp food: Fresh oysters over a camp fire
  • Most memorable adventure: Diving with sharks/Being bit by a rattlesnake
  • My ideal non-ministry job: Teaching oceanography or a fly fishing guide

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Lynn Hansen

Role: Pastor of Women5433615

  • My family: Daughter Jessi, son Ben; 2 grandchildren
  • My favorite Scripture/passage: Jeremiah 29:11
  • Favorite camp food: S’mores
  • Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
  • Favorite indulgence: Reading The Oregonian and drinking a decaf grande in a venti cup with lots of half and half from Starbucks

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James Hunt

Role: Middle School
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Brian Wilson

Role: High School and Young Adult Pastor
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