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Welcome to Meadow Springs! We believe we are a unique place where God has brought together passionate leaders and gifted people, in a specific location, to be MSCC. We believe that God wants to use this uniqueness to live out the purposes for which He created us!

OUR Passion

We invite all people to experience God’s love and to live the adventure of following Jesus Christ.

Our Values

We welcome all people into a safe, Christ-centered community.
We strive for honesty in our relationship with God and with others.
We follow Jesus Christ, the greatest adventure that could ever be lived.
We pursue life-changing encounters with God through His Word and His Creation.
We believe discovering who we are in Christ gives our lives meaning, purpose and power.
We act as the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting the needs of others with kindness and compassion.
We laugh. A lot.


At MSCC, we do not have a traditional membership process.  Rather, we encourage people who want to be a part of a strong and vibrant family of Christ followers to enter into a covenant with others who desire the same.  Please take a moment to read and listen to an overview of our covenant process. We have prayerfully committed to:

Living in Community:

  • Worshiping together regularly
  • Sharing life together through close relationships
  • Using our gifts to care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of others

Living Boldly:

  • Facing the challenges and obstacles of life with courage and helping others do the same
  • Pursuing God’s unique purpose for our lives
  • Proclaiming God’s love and hope to everyone, everywhere both in actions and words

Living Skillfully:

  • Practicing a daily conversational relationship with the Lord
  • Acquiring and applying biblical wisdom
  • Guiding others as they grow in relationship with Jesus

Living Generously:

  • Investing our time, talents and resources into the lives of others
  • Giving out of deep gratitude, not duty
  • Serving the less fortunate

Living Expectantly:

  • Praying and believing nothing is impossible with God
  • Looking for God at work in everyday life
  • Longing for Him to come soon