Margaret Jacobsen’s Salvation Story

Margaret Jacobsen gives us a glimpse into the situation that caused her to “cling to Christ”.  



In order to accurately hear the stories of the people of Meadow Springs Community Church, you must first hear the story that is the foundation for all other stories. ¬†Whether you are reading this story for the first time or just getting a refresher, please feel free to communicate with us if you have any … More →


Richard Gardiner’s Salvation Story

Richard Gardiner tells us about his salvation experience.


Bruce Janzen’s Story

Bruce Janzen shares about his spiritual journey and how being a part of a Men’s Bible Study has impacted his life.


Christmas Eve 2012 – “I Saw The Light”

Here is the “I Saw the Light” video we used during our 2012 Christmas Eve services. ¬†We will be sharing the longer versions of these stories in the weeks to come.


Suzanne Herron’s Salvation Story

Suzanne Herron tells us about her experience of coming to a personal faith in Christ.


Nancy Curtis’s Salvation Story

Meadow Springs Community Church Children’s Ministry (BLAST) Co-Director Nancy Curtis tells us about coming to an understanding of God’s free gift of grace and how that changed her life.


Dawn Bartel’s Salvation Story

Dawn Bartel, MSCC Blast Coordinator, tells us about her experience of coming to faith after seeing a drastic change in her father.


Jeremy Thom’s Salvation Story

Worship Pastor Jeremy Thom shares about his salvation experience.


Gene Curtis’s Salvation Story

Teaching Pastor Gene Curtis recalls is experience of knowing Christ and solidifying his faith.