DHS Party Prayer Team

As the DHS Christmas Party approaches, we would love to cover this event in prayer. There are no special skills required… just a desire to talk to God. He invites us to pray anytime, but it seems especially powerful when we pray together.

Many of you have volunteered in some way to help with the DHS Christmas Party. Everyone, please consider joining together on the following dates to PRAY over this incredible event. All are welcomed!


Tuesday, November 27th at 7pm | BLAST Rm.

Wednesday, December 5th at 7pm | BLAST Rm.

Wednesday, December 12th at 7pm | BLAST Rm.

Monday, December 17th at 7pm | Meet in the foyer to pray over our time in the building on Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 18th from 8am-5pm | If you’d like to participate either from home or in the building, please contact Mary Baron at 503.703.1561 or [email protected]